Started by Maddie & Morgan Manning, the Bundle Up Club is a non-profit organization on a mission to make a difference in the world by providing hand-made blankets, hats, scarves, and other goods to those in need.
Maddie & Morgan want people to know they’re valuable; they want them to feel loved. They want the homeless, the needy, the less-fortunate, the forgotten to know they are worth the investment of their time and effort and work and thoughts and prayers.
It's a cold world outside - let's blanket them in His love.
Matthew 25:36
Thank you for your help and support!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Fundraising Results and Other Excitement

Saturday was our big shaved ice fundraiser at Hot Shots Coffee House. It was a hot day, and although we didn't have the turnout we'd hoped for, we did have several people cool off for a cause. Some who didn't even purchase shaved ice drinks donated, which helped us make a profit of $200! WOOHOO!!

We've also received orders for about 50 t-shirts. This will give us approximately another $200 profit, so we're really excited! For those of you who have ordered, they will be ready next week so stay tuned!
We found a fabulous sale at Hancock's Fabrics today, and were able to order enough fleece for 23 more blankets, and enough yarn for 4 more hats and 5 more scarves! When all of the t-shirt money comes in, we plan on making another similar purchase. Pray for sales to continue!
Our current count of items is 31 blankets, 59 hats, and 43 scarves. This only includes what we actually have at home and does not count any items currently being made by others, so those numbers are probably a little higher.
We have also had new volunteers join our team. Six more people have agreed to learn to loom and/or help us make blankets!
We are excited about how our little operation has grown and are so thankful God has given us this opportunity to be able to help others. Since we have 3 months left and now have more help and funds, we have decided to change our goal from 50 of each item to 100 of each item.
If you're interested in donating, check out our gofundme page at

Thank you all so much for your support and help. We appreciate you!

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